Quick Birthday Trip for Rex to Elitch Gardens

Well, yesterday (June 2) was my birthday and the Beast called me up and suggested we hit Elitch Gardens for a little evening birthday fun.

We walked over around 7:15 (after watching the depressing "perfect" game fiasco in the Detroit-Cleveland game), and immediately hit Mind Eraser.  As we have noted before, a great ride for a park of this size.  Its only drawback is it is very short.  But we had a fun ride in the front row after only having to wait for three trains for the front row seat!

We then hit the bar and grill for a little snack, where I had some seriously hot boneless wings and the Beast had nachos–dinner of champions.  There we watched some analysis of the botched call of the perfect game, which depressed us some more until we heard an interview with the pitcher when he said "I should feel worse than I do", which was pretty funny.

Off to Ghost Blasters where the Beast had never beaten me…but that changed tonight.  I did win two out of three with a great score of 1200 in one game, but the Beast came through with a score of 1320 I believe, setting the new RATB standard on that ride.  Two of the three rides on GB were walk ons and the third as a 2 minute wait…these are the kinds of lines I can get behind!

Finally, we decided to grab a quick ride on Twister II before the park closed and when we made the cool, dusk walk through the wooden coaster's footprint to the queue, it was a straight walk-on, Elitch's in the evening during the week is great.

I always enjoy parks in the evening/night and the weather was beautiful.  A nice end to a birthday day.  

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