RATB Going After Next Set of Riddles at Elitch Gardens

Well, after solving the Red "Course" of "120: The Mystery of Mary Elitch's Fortune!" at Elitch Gardens on opening day (in record time, I might add!).  The Beast and I will be back at Elitch Garden's attacking the Yellow "Course" on Saturday.  As we discussed in our Trip Report and our Podcast, we loved 120: The Mystery of Mary Elitch's Fortune at Elitch Gardens, which we enjoyed on opening day.  Here is a picture of us taken by the ThisisaClue.com guys after we completed the Red Course:

So, if you are out at Elitch's on Saturday and see us hustling around, be sure and say Hi!, as Rex and the Beast hopefully set a new time record for the Yellow Course of 120: The Mystery of Mary Elitch's Fortune.

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