RATB Respond: 5 Reader Questions

We at RATB are always interested in answering any questions that any fans, followers, haters, or others may have regarding RexandtheBeast.com, Rex, or the Beast.


We have used a segment on our Audio Journeys Podcast to address these from time to time, but wanted to also answer a few questions here in our articles section from time to time.

Let’s start with a few of the most common questions we get here at RexandtheBeast.com:

1.  Why are you called Rex and the Beast?

Rex got his nickname from his best friend way back in the early ’80s. Rex was a video game maniac in the 80’s and as some of you may be old enough to remember, some of those early games used to only allow three letters for your name when you got a high score. So, Rex kept using his nickname for that, and it stuck.

As for the Beast, he played college tennis and in those days his hair was very long and wavy–this was before RATB, but here is a picture where his hair was still pretty long.


So the Beast’s doubles partner on the tennis team started calling him Lion (referring to his “lion’s mane”) and it morphed into the Beast. Therefore, when we were deciding on a name for our site and our theme park journeys, Rex and the Beast made perfect sense!

2.  Are you related?

Although it is pretty clear from our site and our content, we still hear this, so the answer is: Yes, we are brothers…and we have a sister who is also a big theme park/roller coaster fan as well, although not officially part of RATB.

3.  What is your favorite theme park?

Strangely enough, at the moment, both Rex and the Beast’s favorite theme park is Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL.


4.  What made you think about doing a web site like RexandtheBeast.com?

We had always been big fans of theme parks and amusement parks, and after hitting parks and Halloween Horror Nights a lot in the early 2000s, we thought it would be fun to put a site together to evidence our trips and share some of our fun. Our motto is “Join the Journey” and that is our goal–to take you along with us as we think about theme parks, visit theme parks and have fun with our experiences. Although we weigh in on topics of the day and pass along various news on theme parks, we are not a news site or a criticism site (although we do both from time to time), we simply enjoy the experience and ask you to join us if you are interested!

5.  What is your next RATB trip?

Barring any major changes, our next full-blown RATB trip where Rex and the Beast are both together will not be until Halloween Horror Nights 25 at Universal Studios Florida. Rex and the Beast will both be hitting parks before then, especially Rex in his home park Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado and the Beast in the parks around his home base in Louisville, Kentucky, so keep an eye out for updated on those trips as well!

Thanks for your questions, and feel free to email us with questions or comments at rex@rexandthebeast.com or thebeast@rexandthebeast.com or catch us on Twitter @RexandtheBeast! Until next time, Join the Journey!



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