Rex’s Favorite Christmas Songs Blog #1


In the spirit of the season, I thought I would list my five favorite Christmas songs (as well as listing five runners up).  The Beast has very strong feelings on Christmas songs as well, so I am going to challenge him to do the same thing I am going to do, which is: post one song a day from the runner-up list (in no particular order) for the next five days, and then post the top five in the five days after that (in reverse order). 

My thoughts on Christmas songs are you have a number of categories.  One is spiritual/religious songs that are based around the birth of Christ (such as Joy to the World (none of the songs I list here will show up on my list)).  Another is mood and theme songs that are based around the holiday season, family and winter (such as Blue Christmas).  My final category are what I call "fun" songs (such as I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus).  So, without further ado,

Rex's Favorite Christmas Songs–Runner Up #1

Good King Wenceslas

I am going to give a little background on my feelings for each song as well.  I always enjoyed this song, but I think it really moved up on my list after I sang it a couple of years in a row in choir in high school.  We worked on it really hard and instead of getting tired of the song, my enjoyment of it grew–so much so that it makes my runner up list of favorite Christmas songs!  And, of course, everyone knows that King Wenceslas was a king of Bohemia, and a Sherlock Holmes fan like myself has to appreciate that.  

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