Rex’s Favorite Christmas Songs Blog #3


Well, I am glad to see the Beast is participating in the Christmas songs blogging, although he is a song behind, so hopefully he will catch up later today!  As a reminder, my first two runner-ups were Hark the Herald Angels Sing and Good King Wenceslas.  My third runner-up is one of the "mood" songs I referenced in Blog #1:

Rex's Favorite Christmas Songs Runner Up #3

Silver Bells

This song always makes me feel wintery and Christmasy.  And I have always thought of Christmas in a big city when I hear the song.  Therefore, I felt a bit of a connection with Silver Bells when my wife and I went to New York City last year during the pre-Christmas rush.  The city was bustling, lights were everywhere, it was cold at night, the tree at Rockefeller Center, it snowed on us in the evenings–just an overall great Christmas feel…and one in which Silver Bells, which I heard numerous times on the trip, was right at home as part of the soundtrack!

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