Rex’s Favorite Christmas Songs Blog #4


Well, my fourth runner-up is a classic Gene Autry song that spawned a great TV show and an entire new member of Santa's sleigh team.  Obviously, that is:

Rex's Favorite Christmas Songs Runner Up #4

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

It goes without saying the song and the TV show were a staple around my house growing up, and I brighten up everytime I hear it.  One note on Rudolph, the Beast (in his personal blog I think) made the point one year that it seems to have an odd message, which is if you're different people won't like you and will make fun of you, but if you help them out or it turns out you have some great skill, you will become popular….interesting, but hey, its still a great song!  Tomorrow, my last runner-up, and then we get to the top five!

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