Rex’s Favorite Christmas Songs Blog #7


We now come to number 4 on my top Christmas songs list.  This is the first overlap with the Beast's list. Remember, my number 5 song was White Christmas.  And, now:

Rex's Favorite Christmas Song #4

The Little Drummer Boy

Of course, the classic Bing Crosby version is just fantastic and I think the underlying theme and feel of this song is just great.  I love the feel of the nativity scene that it brings–softness, loving, caring, sweetness, joy–all wrapped up in the actions of the various participants.  Of course, as the Beast mentioned, it has nothing to do with what is biblical about the nativity, but then again, most all Christmas songs dealing with Jesus or the nativity add some artistic license to the situation, and The Little Drummer Boy does it with panache.  It is a bit of a "chill" song for me.

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