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Here at we invite you to "Join the Journey" with us on our theme park adventures around the world. As we have mentioned in our "What's The Point" article, is not a website designed for continuous up to the minute theme park news. On occasion we will certainly reference current news and events from the theme park world, especially those areas that interest us (like my recent Evel Knievel post). So, the question remains, where does one go to receive the latest in theme park news?

The answer is simple. Rex and I have been visiting this site for years to stay on top of the theme park recent news. Everything from park construction, new rides, old rides, closing rides, renovations, injuries, and park promotions can be found on this site, which is updated almost daily. The owner's name is Lance and it is incredible how much information this guy has available. So, be sure to stick with for our journey across the theme park world, but you should a regular stop for all theme park news.

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