Spaceship Earth Changes


Well, in my blog entry about Christmas at Disney World, I said that I would give an update on the soft opening of Spaceship Earth that I attended.  I have decided that I am only going to say this at this time:  I believe the final couple of scenes are going to be very interesting and a great upgrade over the six-foot cellphone that the "future technology" showed in the past.  One change is that your picture is taken at the beginning of the ride, and at the very end of the ride, you have an opportunity to make certain choices as to what you would prefer the future to hold for you, and you are then treated to a cartoon/video of you (using your picture from the beginning) doing the things you have choosen to do.  Pretty neat, and although it was still very rough at the time I rode it, I am looking forward to the final version. 

The Beast is a much bigger fan of Spaceship Earth than am I, so I am going to wait until we can ride the final version together to give a full review, when he can give his thoughts on the "new and approved" Spaceship Earth. 

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