The Beast Honors Patrick McGoohan


Patrick McGoohan is dead at 80.  Although the prolific actor starred in many a role, I know him best as a repeat murderer in the classic mystery series Columbo.  He was in four episodes:  By Dawns Early Light (1974), Identity Crisis (1975), Agenda for Murder (1990), and Ashes to Ashes (1998).  He won Emmys for his role in By Dawns Early Light and Agenda for Murder.  Although McGoohan is not favorite repeat actor in the Columbo series, that place of honor belongs to Jack Cassidy, he was nevertheless a star performer and a great antagonist for our loveable detective.  Remarkably, his role in Ashes to Ashes some 23 years after his first appearance on Columbo is actually a good episode (as far as the new ones go).  It's a tough call as to whether I enjoy his role as Col. Rumford in By Dawns Early Light or Nelson Brenner in Identity Crisis the best. 

So, The Beast honors a great actor and friend to!

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