The Beast’s #1 James Bond Theme Song

It should be obvious what my number one James Bond theme song is based on my previous responses. Drumroll please:

Live and Let Die

There are two substantial reasons why I place this song as number one:

1. The song absolutely rocks. A perfect blend of a smooth, easy, slow melody that then comes crashing into a fast paced, exciting chorus. The instrumentation on the song is perfect and Paul McCartney sounds better than ever. The song was butchered by GunsN'Roses, but the remake demonstrates the song ongoing appeal.

2. More significant is the paradigm shift Live and Let Die had on the James Bond franchise. To this day, the influence of Live and Let Die as a theme song remains a powerful force on the musical world of James Bond. It seems artists are still trying to do better than McCartney, and keep coming up short.

So there you have it, another pointless list from that has nothing to do with theme parks whatsoever. We hope you enjoyed the fun!  

1 comment on “The Beast’s #1 James Bond Theme Song

  1. Anonymous says:

    …is trying to work up a cover of that songs. With 5 horns, plus full rhythm section it should rock 😉 In fact we’re hoping to put it in a medley with the James Bond theme and “Secret Agent Man”. I’ll let you know if it gets put together…

    Barry, aka “Keys”

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