The Beast’s #4 James Bond Theme Song

It appears that Rex and I have flip flopped our #4 and #5 picks for James Bond theme songs. Yes, I am putting Goldfinger as my #4. 

Chances are, Goldfinger should enjoy a higher ranking than #4 because of it's groundbreaking character; not only did the film Goldfinger assure fans that the James Bond series was here to stay, but the song itself gave direction to how James Bond songs should sound for the over a decade, only to be changed when Paul McCartney pulled a revolutionary move with "Live and Let Die." Although I agree with Rex that I personally enjoy the "A View To Kill" theme song more than Goldfinger, I don't think it can eclipse it when all things are considered. If the Goldfinger film is not the best Bond ever, it is the second best, and the theme song has a part to play.

I wonder where Rex will go with #3?

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