The Beast’s #5 James Bond Theme Song

Well, Rex is back to his crazy "top 5" lists, so I will jump on board. Before I make my pick for my #5 best James Bong theme song, I need to provide two caveats:

1. I know very little to nothing of the songs past the Timothy Dalton era. I recognize this is a major setback and perhaps I should just exempt myself now from this discussion. But, for what it's worth, I am considering only the theme songs through the movie "License to Kill."

2. Like all of our lists, this is subject to change at any point. But for now. . . 

My #5 favorite James Bond theme song is:

A View To A Kill

Duran Duran, of course, performed the 1985 song to Roger Moore's last outing as James Bond. It is a perfect capture of the spirit of the 1980's and fits in nicely with the overall feel of a James Bond film. The phrase "dance into the fire" is as catchy as they come and I don't think too many people who lived during the mid-80's can hear the song without it eliciting some strong memories of that wonderful decade.

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