The Beast’s Favorite Christmas Songs Blog #6


Today begins the countdown to my current top 5 Christmas songs of all time.  I say "current" because these tend to change quite often.  Unlike the runner-up songs which were in no particular order, these top 5 songs are in order from fifth to first.  As a reminder, here were my 5 runner-up songs:

Born to Die by Bebo Norman.

The Chipmunk Song

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Little Drummer Boy

The Beast's Fifth All-Time Favorite Christmas Song

Wizards In Winter

Wizards in Winter is the second instrumental Christmas song to make my list.  This song is performed by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on their fourth album, "The Lost Christmas Eve."  Similar to "Born To Die" by Bebo Norman, as soon as I heard this song it catapulted to the top of my favorite Christmas songs list.  The Trans-Siberian Orchestra of course has many great renditions of classic Christmas tunes, many of which could make this list.  But this song is uniquely theirs and is an instant classic.  What is even cooler is to watch Al Pitrelli perform this song live, which I have done twice!

Click Here To Listen To Wizards In Winter

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