The Beast Salutes: Roy Scheider


Richard Dreyfuss was the funny guy. Robert Shaw was the man of mystery. But Roy Scheider really held the movie together. I am referring, of course, to the 1975 masterpiece known as Jaws. Scheider starred in many films over his career, including the classic "The French Connection" but it was Jaws that made him a household name. There is just something so endearing about his role as Police Chief Martin Brody and his character never grows stale. Even after 10 viewings of the film, you are still captured by his performance. Scheider was made famous from his line "We're going to need a bigger boat." But even greater still is his line on the beach, while anticipating something terrible happening, "That's some bad hat Harry." The creators of the hit television show "House" knew this, and have made an animated closure to the television episode that is a tribute to Scheider, even though the majority of House fans have no idea. So, here is a final farewell from The Beast. I will see you around the bay of Amity Island sometime soon.

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