The Haunted House – Review

Starland is a company that makes haunted houses – and a lot of them.  In Denver this year Starland is responsible for three haunts:  The Haunted House, Slaughterhouse Gulch, and the 13th Door.  Apparently, three is quite a low number for them and after talking with one of the owners, they are gearing up for more next year.  The Haunted House is located on I-25 and 120th Ave in Northglenn, CO.  Click here to visit their website. 

The Haunted House is ingenuity at its finest, making the most of space and being creative with the construction of the haunt.  It is a fairly simple facade, simply black on the front and sides with an entry ramp and an exit ramp, not unlike what you might see at a carnival or old-school theme park.  As we would find out, old-school will be an appropriate phrase for his haunt.  High marks goes to the super creepy dude who despite our talking with the owner about logistics of the haunt and getting information for our review, just would not leave us alone and kept snorting at us.  We didn’t get his name, but apparently he has been with the company for several years and we can see why; he was freaking out everyone in line just by staring us down.

Once inside, we were immersed in tight spaces and sharp turns, quite the opposite of Field of Screams we had visited earlier in the night.  The actors took their time and allowed a “story” to unfold in several rooms.  There was not an overarching story or theme to the haunt, but each room told its own story.  Right from the beginning you meet a great butcher who is a lot of fun and gets rather angry at us because we keep making noice.  Actually, it was not us making the noise but rather it was the dead, chopped up corpse on the table.  Of course, the butcher did not believe us when we told him who was really responsible and we were led on our way.  Fun! 

After that, Rex and I were surprised to be enjoying ourselves as much as we were, with one fun scare after another.  A great manequin room actually worked, as well as a super creepy clown room.  There were other fun surprises, such as crawling down through a hole on our hands and knees and the house was capped off by a cool little maze made out of white sheets – chainsaws were waiting for us at the end. 

This is not a super long haunt nor is it necessarily on the cutting edge of the 2010 haunted houses we have visited.  But, that is part of what makes it so delightful.  This is what you wished that traveling carnival haunted house would have really been like when you were a kid.  In a market where perhaps haunted houses take themselves a bit too seriously, The Haunted House is a welcomed surprise.  We recommend it for good fun. 

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