The Next Adventure

Rex and I are currently gearing up for 2010 and deciding what parks and attractions we want to explore this year.  Both of us have become even busier than normal with wonderful additions to our families as well as other interests.  So, we will have to be very intentional about our adventures in 2010.  As I mentioned in a recent blog entry, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will definitely be in our trip list this year, as well as another Festival of Fear Tour in October.  Other than that, the door is wide open as to where we will be heading this coming year.  Of course, some of our trips are dictated by events that will come along during the year, like first rider opportunities, etc.  But, there are still several parks that we need to visit and review.  

One of the parks I would like to visit soon is Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  We are well versed with the Tampa version, but RATB has never made an official visit to the Williamsburg attraction.  Another park I want to visit in the near future is Knoebels Amusement Park in Elysburg, PA.  This park has a legendary dark ride called Haunted Mansion that I am "dying" to see.  

I am excited to see what will come this year for RATB.  More podcasts are soon coming, so hang with us.  Talk to you soon!

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