Thoughts on Islands of Adventure


I am sitting in the airport waiting on my flight to New York. I am going to NY for the weekend to enjoy the holiday atmosphere at Rockefeller Center and in Manhattan generally. While waiting, I heard a call for a flight leaving to Orlando, which made me think of Orlando and its various parks.

As I was thinking about them, I started thinking about my and the Beast's first trip to Islands of Adventure. I believe it was in 1998 or 1999, and we were going to Universal Studios, when we noticed there was another park across the way. That's right; we didn't even know there was such a thing as IOA until we were actually there. It turned out that our first experience with IOA was the greatest theme park experience the Beast and I ever had. The combination of theming, detail and great rides at IOA left us thrilled and exhausted by the end of the day (not to mention the first ride on Spidey, which in the late 90s was an unparalleled ride experience…and is still near the top today).

Although we have been back to IOA at least once a year (and usually more) since that first trip, we never tire of the park. When we hear the entrance sounds at Port of Entry–occasionally drowned out by the roar of the Hulk–we know we are entering one of our favorite parks (my favorite park of all, and although the Beast has some partiality to Magic Kingdom–I think he would at least rate it second to Magic Kingdom on his list of parks–Beast, what do you say, let us know what you think about that).

We have some pictures from those trips (before digital) that we will post at soon, and you will see some of the beginnings of Rex and the Beast's journeys.

Talk to you soon…my plane is calling!

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