Trick or Terror – Festival of Fear 2011 Review


The Festival of Fear Tour 2011 rolled into LIttleton, CO this past weekend to check out the Trick or Terror haunted house.  The haunt is located in the Southwest Plaza Mall down under the parking facility near J.C. Penney.  The entrance to the haunt is in a pretty creepy portion of the mall, but I must admit to driving around the entire circumference of the mall before finding the entrance – some lights or a larger sign might be helpful to direct folks underneath the parking area.

The haunt owners are super nice guys and we were able to connect with Chris Tillman last year during our work on the City of the Dead documentary.  The space they have available to them inside this former department store is simply amazing.  With a well lighted backstage area for make-up and a massive amount of room for expansion of the haunt itself, Trick or Terror is not lacking in the available space department.  We made our way to the front of the house and after nearly being decapitated by a zealous actor who flung open the door, we were ushered inside the haunt.  Rex and I were expecting some solid things from these guys based on what we knew about them last year, but our expectations were exceeded by the quality they were able to pull off during this first full season of haunting.  The haunt is about a family named the Walton's who lost their 2yr old daughter on Halloween night a couple of years ago.  In an attempt to bring her back from the dead, Ms. Walton attempts black magic and unfortunately wakes a whole host of undead creatures who are not thrilled to see you walking through their domain.  The haunt begins in the Walton's home where the family is clearly not in their right mind.  You finally work your way through one of the children's closets (who is addicted to horror movies) and the closet leads you to the terror.  There is a neat lighting effect inside the closet that leaves you a bit disoriented for split second.  

The black magic gone amuck theme really works well in a forested room where a bunch of Christmas trees pave the way for one of the more whacked out moments of any haunt we have experienced –  we don't want to give away the pay off, but trust us, what you will experience amid the forest is not what you think.  Finally, you encounter the dreaded pumpkin carver who provides one last scare before the exit.

The atmosphere of Trick or Terror is excellent, the sets are well designed, and I give them full credit for staying true to their story concept.  So many times we will read about the "back story" of a haunt on their website only to find that story to be incoherent in the haunt itself; that isn't the case with Trick or Terror.  An actor named Rudy provides some of the best scares as he unleashes a legless "dog" on you as you pass by.  Although Trick or Terror might not yet provide as strong of a punch as compared to a couple of Denver's more intense haunts, I believe this team could quickly become a force to be reckoned within the greater Denver area. recommends Trick or Terror for some good scares, a consistent theme, and a professionally designed set.  Better than we expected, that is for sure.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys! Thank so much for coming down to the haunt! You guys were awesome! (I’m the “girl who has seen better days” Haha! Thanks for the mention!) Hope to see you guys next year! (:

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