Universal Revenge Contest Winner


Rex and the Beast would like to congratulate Pat Naughty who won the Mission IOA: Universal Revenge contest by getting a total of 14 out of 15 of the lines from rides at Universal Orlando and IOA used in the movie.  The lines were:

1. Choose thy Fate.–Dueling Dragons–2:35 (time said in movie)
2. Nice Shades.–The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man–2:43
3. Time, the ever-flowing river.–Jurassic Park River Adventure–3:30
4. Ignore all safety warnings.–Doctor Doom's Fearfall–4:00
5. I lost my train of thought.–Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls–4:27
6. I think this time its going to work.–Incredible Hulk Coaster–4:43
7. Incoming.–The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man–5:09
8. Things are starting to heat up.–The Amazing Adventures of
Spider-Man– 6:02
9. Fear has served us well.–Doctor Doom's Fearfall–8:29
10. This could be the most dangerous night of my life…and yours.-The
Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man–8:38
11. I say, you're going the wrong way.–Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls–10:12
12. I'll show you riches beyond mesure.–Revenge of the Mummy–10:21
13. If you think you're getting out of here alive, you're in for a
shock.–The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man–10:30
14. Have you seen my horse?–Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls–10:38
15. We've got to get these tourists out of here.–The Amazing Adventures
of Spider-Man–11:29

Thanks for playing, and we will have another contest soon!

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