Universal Studios Orlando Original Jaws Ride

This is an amazing video of the original 1990 version of the famous Jaws ride in Orlando, FL.  This particular version of the ride was only experienced by a few guests because of the enormous technical difficulties experienced.  The ride was revamped over a period of years and several changes were made, from the movement of the shark to the script.  Watch as the shark grabs the boat and moves it around after leaving the boat house.  This is where today's version has the big pyro blast. 

I'm still trying to determine if I think the Skipper did a good job or not.  At first, after the initial report that one of the boats had been attacked, it seemed that his reaction was less than enthusiastic.  But, when they reach the boat house, I think he does a good job actually of making it seem realistic, talking about the evacuation procedures they learned before they left the dock, asking if they remember them and talking in as normal of a voice as possible.  Still yet, I would have like to have seen a bit more "oomph" in his voice when the shark did attack.

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