Waterslide and Dragons?


Rex and the Beast are primarily theme, thrill, and amusement park adventurers.  However, we enjoy the occasional waterpark, especially parks with creative slide designs.  (Check out our podcast #3 for a review of one of our most terrifying moments being on a waterslide).

There are a "family" of waterparks known as the Schlitterbahn Waterpark Resorts.  Three are located in TX and one in KS.  They routinely receive awards for being the best waterparks in the world.   Rex and the Beast have not yet had the pleasure of visiting.  However, with the announcement of a new slide in 2008, we might have to change our mind.

The new ride, called "Dragon's Revenge" is the first waterslide that I know of to heavily go with a themeing route.  We have seen some like "the black hole" or disco themed slides, but this appears to go well beyond anything out there.  The press release from Schlitterbahn says this:

Park guests, eager to flee the wrath of the dragon’s attack, weave in and around castle ruins in search of an escape route before the mystical creature returns. After crossing over a draw bridge and entering into the castle’s guard tower, guests quickly discover the only way out is through a labyrinth of ominous caverns. Once aboard the escape vehicle, thrill-seekers are quickly propelled through a series of uphill blasts rocketing riders in and out, up and down around the perimeter of the castle before taking a final fog-filled freefall into the castle’s mote below. Guests careen through six dark creepy caverns filled with magical special effects including spinning tunnels, theatrical lighting, fiber optics, riveting original music, aromatic atmosphere, fog, faux fire and an encounter with the angry dragon.

You can see an unbelievably cool animated preview of the ride by clicking here.  They are really promoting the slide well, creating an entire website around the theme of the slide, which you can find here.  Needless to say, this one is going to be interesting to follow.

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