Where are Rex and the Beast?


Hey everyone, Rex and the Beast here with a quick update about what is happening with the website and our theme park adventures. 

Back in 2007 when we launched RATB, things were quite different for me and Rex. Neither of us had children and due to other circumstances in our lives at the time, we were able to travel much, much more than we are today. The implications of some of those changes in our lives have been, of course, very noticeable for our website. Since we do not travel as much, there is not as much consistent video, picture, and trip report content on RATB. And, since the driving theme of our site is "Join the Journey", that is to say, immersing yourself in the theme park world with us, we acknowledge that a significant element of our site has been missing for quite a while now.

So what are we to do?

Well, Rex and I are currently discussing that very question and are coming up with some ideas to keep the theme park adventures alive and well here at RATB. Trips will still be coming, just not quite as often, so we still will have our signature videos available from time to time with new adventures to join us in. We are also looking into a few other ideas to keep things fresh, interesting, and fun. We hope you will continue to enjoy the site as content is added, and of course enjoy the videos and pictures of days gone by – the more you watch them, the better they get.

Basically, we just want to let you know that we are still alive, still staying informed of the theme park world, and will be working on a few new ideas over the course of the next few months. Until then, be looking for more blog updates with our commentary on issues in the news, as well as some new podcasting.

Until then, this is Rex and the Beast saying:=:

Be strong and courageous – RexandtheBeast.com…Join the Journey!

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